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Like Nino did, I'll tell her...

It's been a while, but it's really worth it to me.

I'm just going to write and translate few sentences taken from new Ninomiya's solo.
I'm sorry I won't write neither the title of this lyrics or the name of new album. And I'm sorry I won't translate the whole lyric. But I've just listened to the songs leaked out on chinese sources, so I'd like to wait for official album release to write something more (but lyrics translations will not be public. Just for LJ friends, I'm sorry).
I've just listened to the album, to the members' solos (Aiba's solo is SO BEAUTIFUL!),  and I'd like to write these few sentences.
After all this is not a translation lyrics post, but only kind of  a "private message".

That's why, even if she will never read this, I write and translate it thinking about my mum, like Nino did while composing this song.

Here it is.

"ずっと人のために生きてきたんだからこれからはやりたいように生きるってもう無理だな。 優しすぎるから!"

"Because of the fact you've always lived your life for other people till now, it's impossible for
you to live doing as you like from now on as well. Because you're too kind!
If I was in your shoes, how would I feel?

At the very moment I think about it, what I understand is mortifying, because I understand how great you are.
That's why maybe I won't say it, I won't tell you "Old mummy, you're an amazing person".
Because it's mortifying.

"Visto che fino ad ora hai sempre vissuto per gli altri, per te anche da adesso in poi è impossibile vivere facendo ciò che vuoi. Perchè sei troppo gentile.
Se io fossi al tuo posto, che cosa proverei?
Nel preciso momento in cui ci penso, ciò che capisco è mortificante, perchè capisco quanto sei grande.
Per questo motivo forse non lo dirò, non ti dirò: "Ma', sei una persona fantastica",
perchè è mortificante,
però GRAZIE.